Getting started

# Registration

To register an account to Gendocs, you'll need a registration code.

Luckily you can get a code when starting the trail at the homepage

Once you have a code, run the register command.

gendocs register

# Create your first Doc!

At Gendocs we call documentation projects "docs".

There is a simple CLI command to make a new doc.

gendocs docs:create

Fantastic! You've just created your first doc.

# Choose a subdomain

Every doc gets an absolutely free completely unique subdomain.

To select your subdomain run:

gendocs subdomain:set
Don't worry, you can change your subdomain at any time!

# Adding a custom domain

You can also just add a custom domain.

And we'll obviously automatically generate an absolutely completely free ssl certificate for you. Long live Letsencrypt!

To get instructions to add your domain.

gendocs domains:add

# Set up your project

Choose a directory where you'd like to set up gendocs. Either in the root of an existing project or in an empty folder.

gendocs init
You can run "gendocs docs:list" to retrieve your token any time.

This creates a gendocs.json file which will be your settings file for this document from now on.

You can add a "sourcePath" parameter in your gendocs.json file to set the docs directory to be different from the root directory.

# Queue the writing!

To write content, you obviously need pages.

Create a page called to the directory where your gendocs.json is located. (or in your sourcePath directory if you're using that setting)

Add the following to that file:

category: "Introduction"
title: "First Page"

# My first title!

Hello World!

Make sure to add "first_page" to your gendocs.json:

    "name": "my project",
    "token": "********",
    "pages": [
If you're using a different sourcePath then you don't have to include the path to your sourcePath

# Preview it all!

You can preview your docs locally in our amazingly awesome local development server.

Start the preview server:

gendocs preview

Browse to http://localhost:9001 to view your server.

# Publish!

Once you're done writing your new awesome documentation, it's time to publish.

To push your changes to the live server use the publish command:

gendocs publish
Whenever you want to update your documentation just write "gendocs publish" and your docs will be updated.