# Your config files

Your gendocs.json is your config file containing nearly all global settings for your documentation.

# Available configuration options


  "name": "The name of your project",
  "pages": [
  // The sourcepath is the location of your docs directory
  "sourcePath": "./docs",
  "description": "Some interesting description for SEO purposes",
  "keywords": "The meta keywords also for SEO purposes",
  "css": "Load a custom CSS file by referencing the file in this setting",
  "logoLink": "", // Where to refer after clicking on the logo at the topleft
  "logoImage": "https://....", // An image to show as the top left logo
  "nextAndPrevious": true, // The next and previous buttons at the bottom of every page
  "frontPage": "./home.html" // A custom front page to show as homepage for your documentation.